02 - Guvna B

We sat down for a chat with independent rapper, fashion label owner, author and multi award winner Guvna B.

We spoke about how his business degree had helped him to advance his career, the importance of building multiple revenue streams, touring, the comparison trap, the futility of buying likes and follows, and much more.

At the time of this interview, Guvna B had recently released an album entitled ‘Secret World’, and since then he has continue to tour extensively and has released another album “hands Are Made For Working’, which is his most personal work to date, and has been incredibly well received.

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Bianca Rose
01 - Who We Are

Who We Are

I Am Independent was started by singer songwriter Bianca Rose and Music Manager and Radio Presenter Loretta Andrews. This first episode tells how the idea of IAIMA came about and what we seek to do in resourcing, advising and encouraging independent music artists along their journey.

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