15- In Conversation with Sharlene Hector



Sharlene Hector has probably worked with every artist you know and love, and you will have seen her pop up on your tv screen at some point. A veteran in the game and one of the loveliest people we know!

Sharlene is having a phenomenal career, often reinventing herself. She in much demand as a singer, a seasoned backing vocalist, a guest artist (Basement ~Jazz par exemple), singing in her own right as a soloist and as a part of @LaSharVu, in commercials (do you remember her Coca Cola ad? ✨😍✨) & much much more.

We pack a lot into this over an hour long conversation. We talk about: ✨Sharlene’s discovery of her voice, and it’s impact on herself and others ✨Defining success ✨The importance of being nice with lessons from lessons from Alicia Keys and Kylie Minogue✨The problem with fame ✨Honing your craft ✨How to develop and make a career as a backing vocalist ✨Sharlene’s experience on a well known talent show ✨Discrimination and how to handle being passed over for opportunities ✨Money management & budgeting & tax returns ✨And much much more!

Bianca Rose